Aug 30

THz-IRMMW 2013 conference

The THz group will be representing the University of Southampton at this year’s THz-IRMMW 2013 conference. Dr Vasilis Apostolopoulos, Dr Sam Berry, Mark Barnes, Duncan McBryde, Paul Gow will attend the conference in Mainz, Germany¬† with 4 conference publications; one oral presentation by Mark Barnes, and three poster presentations. The group will be presenting their recently published work where new insights into the THz emission mechanisms in semiconductors is presented along with new cutting-edge THz analysis where the angular spectrum of a THz beam can be determined using a new algorithm developed in the group. Employing the THz region of the electromagnetic spectrum where clothes, biological samples,¬† plastics, and paper is mostly transparent, the group’s research may lead to enhancements in THz sources and detectors leading to economically viable security and medical sensors that do not have a dosage limit.

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