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Jul 21

Elena Mavrona Publishes Paper!

Congratulations to Elena Mavrona, who has just published her first paper. Entitled Refractive indices and birefringence of hybrid liquid crystal – nanoparticles composite materials in the terahertz region it was published today in AIP Advances. The paper looks at introducing BaTiO3 nanoparticles to a liquid-crystal (LC) solution to create a hybrid LC-ferroelectric nanoparticle suspension. The …

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Feb 28

Algorithm and Forum launched

Two new pages have been added to the website. The first page links to a parameter extraction algorithm written by the group, designed to output the complex refractive index of a material. The algorithm is free to use and requires a THz time-domain reference scan, a THz time-domain scan of the sample and the sample …

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Jan 07

Paul publishes new paper in Electronics Letters

Paul Gow has published his second paper as lead author. The paper entitled “Characterisation of THz emission from double-metal-patterned gallium–arsenide multiple emitters” was published in Electronics Letters in mid-December, 2014.  The paper describes the effect on the emitted THz when using different metals for fabricating the double-metal emitters previously mentioned in Duncan’s paper.  It also describes the …

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Jan 07

Lewis Maple publishes first paper

Lewis Maple has published hi first paper as lead author. The paper entitled “A metamolecule antenna for coplanar waveguides” was published in the journal Optics Express in December, 2014. The paper reports on a metamolecule antenna, based on a fish-scale design, that is augmented with two split-ring resonators (SRRs) placed within the fish-scale loops. The …

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Jul 01

Dr Sam Berry wins Deans award.

Dr Sam Berry has won the Deans award for outstanding contributions in public engagement. This is for his years of work with the Light Express roadshow, both as a PhD student and as a postdoc. During this time he has presented to over 17,000 prospective students and general public. Nominated for the award by Pearl …

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May 27

Paul and Duncan present THz research at Camogli, Italy

PhD students Paul Gow and Duncan McBryde presented their research at a Terahertz (THz) conference in Italy. Paul presented his work on multiplexing THz photo-Dember emitters by using a cylindrical lens array to a large audience. Duncan presented his poster on the characterising photo-Dember emitters on semi-insulting Gallium Arsenide (SI-GaAs) and low-temperature grown Gallium Arsenide …

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Feb 21

Duncan McBryde publishes his first paper in Optics Express

Duncan McBryde, second year PhD student in the THz group, has published his paper entitled “Fluence and polarisation dependence of GaAs based lateral photo-Dember terahertz emitters” in the journal Optics Express. This paper presents the characterisation of THz output for photo-Dember emitters fabricated on different GaAs substrates. This paper can be found at:

Dec 16

Paul Gow publishes his 1st paper in APL

Paul Gow, 2nd year PhD student in the THz group, published his first paper in AIP’s Applied Physics Letters journal today. This paper presents our latest results on multiplexed lateral photo-Dember THz emitters using a cylindrical lens array:  

Sep 03

The THz group present at IRMMW-THz 2013

Mark Barnes and Paul Gow toast a celebration to a highly successful poster session. During the first week of September we presented our latest research on Terahertz emitters at the largest Terahertz conference of 2013. Our group attracted a lot of attention with our investigation into the physical mechanism behind the lateral photo-Dember effect, including …

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Aug 30

THz-IRMMW 2013 conference

The THz group will be representing the University of Southampton at this year’s THz-IRMMW 2013 conference. Dr Vasilis Apostolopoulos, Dr Sam Berry, Mark Barnes, Duncan McBryde, Paul Gow will attend the conference in Mainz, Germany  with 4 conference publications; one oral presentation by Mark Barnes, and three poster presentations. The group will be presenting their …

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